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Health Care Respone 

What is the optimal response to the health care legislation being proposed?  That depends on the desired outcome.  If you’re like me and want to find and implement win/win solutions, the optimal response is to identify and promote win/win solutions that bring people together.

In broad terms the two sides could be described as one being primarily focused on maximizing the health of the nation and the other being fiscally responsible/realistic.  Win/win solutions are behaviors that do both.

Prevention, while not a panacea, is the most cost effective form of health care and also does the most to create a healthier nation.  Funding effective preventative programs saves more than it costs and improves health.

Two proven effective preventative programs are annual check ups and meditation.  Check ups identify problems sooner when they are cheaper and easier to positively resolve.  Mediation is proven to reduce stress which is well known to adversely health.

If you are committed to win/lose, zero sum thinking then you think the only solution is to defeat the “other side”.  If you are committed to win/win thinking and lifting everyone up as a whole, then promote behaviors that support that.  There are deep and pervasive consequences to the thinking we choose, win/win or zero sum.  Choose wisely.

I am available to speak to groups and appear on TV to represent win/win perspectives and solutions as part of the understanding that we are all one.  Scott Friedman 805 907 4408,


Money is a tool whose only value is to maximize our experience of love, joy and peace.  If not used for that, it’s worthless.


As far as I'm concerned, if I'm at PEACE, I have everything of value.

Peace is the acceptance of things as they are.  It doesn't mean I don't want things to change, but rather I am accepting of the fact I want things to change.  It doesn't mean I'm happy with things as they are, just that I accept I'm not happy with everything as it is right now.  It doesn't mean I have more to grow, only that I am accepting and at peace with the fact I have more to grow.

When I'm at peace, I feel whole.  I feel  there is nothing outside of myself I could ever want or need.  I feel complete.

When I operate from this perspective, I feel far less at risk from the reactions of others.  Paradoxically, that detachment maximizes the chances of a positive response from others.