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Improve Your Leadership Skills

Deepen your awareness and discover the power of the truth when you turn to Visirity in Somis, California. Our leadership books and leadership consulting services are designed to give you the tools you need to see the world clearly, helping you find and implement solutions that have always existed.

Grow through Reading

Reexamine common assumptions and find the different ways they simply do not hold up under inspection. Our books help you see the world in a whole new way, presenting perspectives that are obvious once we see them clearly. This includes ideas like, "All we need to do to lead an inspired life is to follow our inspiration."

Speaking to Your Needs

Whenever we deliver a speech, we tailor our message to your specific group. Our speaker sits down with you in advance to go over the speech and seek your input, maximizing the value for your workforce. During the event, we strive to create real links between participants through interactive discussions and group activities. For a room full of sales people, for example, we might ask them to share with each other what will happen if they don't make the call, helping them learn from each other and build empathetic connections.

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Every group has “group thinking” which if improved, improves the performance of the group. 

Graduation Speeches
Learning Never Ends
Identify and accept your strengths, you’ll need to draw on them for the rest of your life

Corporate Speeches

How to create an environment where subordinates openly share their ideas and frustrations
How to deal effectively with your boss
How to promote ideas for beneficial change
How to know when you’ve communicated effectively
How to sell more effectively

Religious/Service/Political and Community Groups

How to inspire others to join you in service
Ways to be more honest with ourselves and others with kindness
What relationships can and cannot do for us
How to have more energy 

Call me, Scott Friedman, at (805) 907 4408 to discuss your speaker needs

Corporate Consulting

Explore your current corporate culture to find ways to improve. Our team, for instance, helps identify managerial practices that may be inspiring fear and intimidation rather than honesty and creativity, creating an inefficient workspace.

Political Consulting

Develop effective courses of action by learning to honestly see and accept your current situation. For example, clearly seeing the impact of verbally tearing down an opponent opens the door to turning adversaries into mutually supportive colleagues.


Books by Scott Friedman

Healing Our Self, Healing the World 

Healing Our Self, Healing the World

This book introduces practical application of the thought we are ONE.  It includes an understanding of how to be comfortable being ourself in social situations, how to e at peace with differing political and religious perspectives, the effective use of depression and more.

Insights on Getting Out of Our Own Way 

Insights on getting out of Our Own Way

 The obstacles in our life are created by us. As we understand what those obstacles are and how we create them, we become free to choose to think and act more effectively.

The Dynamic of Global Leadership


The Dynamics of Global Leadership

 We each have the power to change the world.  WE access more and more of that power by being increasingly honest with our self and being willing to share the truth with all the kindness we can muster.

The Art of the Ethical Deal


The Art of the ETHICAL Deal

Win/win solutions are the basis for every successful deal.

Believing in Our Self


Believing in Our Self, The Master Skill

Our life is a reflection of our beliefs.  With greater awareness and acceptance of what we believe, our beliefs change for the better.

My Life with Angels


My Life with Angels

There is a great deal of help and guidance available to each of us. Opining up to it, accepting and benefitting from that help dramatically improves our lives.

Transitioning from Zero Sum to Win Win


Transitioning from Zero Sum to Win/Win Thinking

 When we see others as part of our success rather than obstacles to our success, our life has dramatically changed for the better.

Peace, The Ultimate Power


Peace, the Ultimate Power

Everything we do, we do because we believe it will increase our experience of peace.  Ultimately, peace is relating to and accepting that we are whole and complete, lacking nothing.

 Accepting Paradox, The Road to Mastery

Paradox, the Road to Mastery

When we see the plusses and minuses of a situation, we can find a peaceful perspective and identify actions that will enhance peace.

Negativity, What We Deny Controls Us


Negativity, What We Deny Controls Us

Accepting it’s ok to have negative thoughts and impulses give us the freedom not to act on them.  That extends to destructive eating, acting in anger and rage, and whole host of self destructive behaviors.