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Scott Friedman, owner, writer, speaker, and consultant for Visirity, has spent more than 30 years making inspiration through meditation practical. He uses his experience as a business owner, husband, and athlete to uncover the true meaning of leadership and find lasting solutions to complex problems. An avid tennis player and loving husband, Scott lives with his wife, Karla Spitzer, in their Somis, California, home, where they raise and train their boxer dogs.

Scott Friedman

Humble Beginnings

Scott started his career as a young man, joining the self-help sector at age of 16. From there, he went into mortgage brokerage, but, after years of meditation and introspection, he decided his true calling was to share his insights with other people in order to continue his own growth and development.

He started by writing a couple books about his findings and then later joined Toastmasters, giving him the opportunity to improve his public speaking skills. Scott is also stepping up his efforts in the marketing sector, so he can expand his offerings and better serve a wide range of clients.

His Philosophy

In order to maintain and even improve his health and energy, Scott is convinced he must trust and follow his inspiration. It's that inspiration that led him to write, speak, and consult in the first place. He has an uncanny ability to relate to people and bring to light wisdom they need, which is residing just below the surface of their awareness.

Principles That Work

Scott does not believe in using principles and techniques that do not work. He actively uses everything he teaches on a daily basis, ensuring every idea is practical for even highly competitive, government-regulated businesses.

Lifelong Learner

Rather than get defensive about the things he does not know, Scott is proud to be a lifelong learner. He is constantly working to improve, and he sets that example for every client, making it easier for people to relate to him as well as increasing the value of his work.